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Throughout the years, Fifth Ward CRC has upheld the belief that we shape our future by shaping our community. The acquisition of the historic St. Elizabeth allows Fifth Ward to continue to control the destiny of the neighborhood.  As a leading advocate for economic and community development in the Fifth Ward district of Houston, TX, this purchase provides the organization control of a historical asset critical in the continued revitalization of the neighborhood. 

The Saint Elizabeth Hospital is located on the Lyons Avenue Corridor in the Fifth Ward community.  The original building was constructed in 1947 by the Archdiocese of Galveston.

The original building of the hospital is in the shape of a capital “E,” symbolizing Elizabeth, and was constructed in the elegant, less-ornamented Art Décoratifs-style that was popular in the late 1940s. A chapel separated the two wings, and a Convent was constructed to the east of the main building which is now connected by a steel concourse walkway.  The hospital originally accommodated 6o beds and additional floors and wings were added during the 1950s and an additional non-historic structure to the southwest of the building was added in the late 1980s.


The original structure is a three-story structure with a partial sunlight basement. Stone steps lead to an over-sized entrance featuring a frieze of the hospitals namesake Saint Elizabeth in white stone, a stone cross completes the building imposing nature on the roof.

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